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Who is she and what does she think she is doing?

I mean why wouldn't you ask who I am or why I think I am qualified to take pictures for you?


Who am I?

This is my and my crazy brood in New Zealand

Hi, I'm Carrie! I'm a wife to my awesome husband that also gave me the title of military spouse. I'm a mom to four amazing people ranging from middle school to barely in school. I've always loved art and finding moments to capture.

Like many photographers I started off trying to get better pictures of my baby- now an 'almost' teenager. I was blessed to find an amazing group of women to help mentor me and teach me how to utilize Photoshop.

My first sessions were not so good my friends. I didn't know what I was doing and would be embarrassed to show you those photos today.

But I kept on. I kept learning, I kept taking pictures and over time decided to pursue this hobby as a business.

I worked for close to 4 years as a photographer here in Tucson loving every single minute of my job, and then the military said, "It's time to go". So, off we went.

I knew that when we moved we wouldn't be in place long so I hung up my camera. From that move the military again said, "Pack it up lady", so I packed and packed and found myself in South Korea- which is where I *again* fell in love with traveling (I was an avid traveler before having kids, but something about packing for a ton of people makes traveling harder...).

Finally the military once again said, "Go back to Tucson" ---and here I am.

My kids are no longer home full time and I finally have the time, and energy, to take and edit photos again.

Being a photographer allows me to not only work with people that I feel so blessed to work with, but it allows me to create and be more than just a Mom.

So thank you to those of you who have given me that freedom- the freedom to be Carrie again. I feel so privileged and honored when you ask me to capture memories for you and your family. I promise you that I will keep learning and striving to be the best photographer I can for you and yours.

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